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Choosing a Business Name

Business names generally are required to be unique in the state of formation. Even in those states that allow multiple instances of the same name, it can be beneficial to the business to not be confused with another existing business. There are also other rules that must be followed.

When choosing a name, we have found the found the following to be some best practices to ensure your business isn't delayed by being rejected by the state.

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Choosing a Business Structure

Choosing a business structure can be one of the most daunting tasks a new business owner faces. Generally, that's because most people simply aren't aware of the differences between those structures, and what advantages and disadvantages they provide.

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Firstep Business Solutions is a privately owned small business just like you. We pride ourselves on meeting YOUR individual needs.

We hope we can relieve some of the burden of starting, running and maintaining a new business. Our focus has always been, and always will be on customer experience, and we accept nothing short of excellence. After serving countless entrepreneurs, we are still small enough to care about our customers individually and experienced enough to ensure your business is filed quickly, easily and CORRECTLY!

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

There are a number of ways to file your paperwork. You can go to the Secretary of State’s office, fill out the paperwork, pay the filing fee and wait for processing. Many states also allow forms to be mailed, but some do not. Most states allow online filing making a streamlined service like Firstep available to save you time.

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We charge only $79 plus the state fee to file your formation documents. We offer a number of other services that you may need, and ensure that pricing is clear BEFORE you choose them.

Your child’s lemonade stand may (or may not) be free of the worries of debt and litigation, but if you plan to do any significant business, then you probably will want to operate as an LLC or some other form of registered structure to protect your personal assets from the liabilities of the company. Check out our business structure resources to help you make the best decision for YOUR business.

Choosing A Business Structure

You don’t generally need an attorney to start a business. Especially the filing can be handled by a service like Firstep to help you streamline the formation process, and save you a great deal of time, effort, and money. If your business is complex or you can’t decide on a structure based on general information found on our site or have specific tax questions, we would recommend you speak with an attorney or accountant.