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Personal Asset Protection Liability # of owners Reporting Requirements Operation Taxation
LLCGet Started Members have little -no personal liability 1 - 100 Varies by state, Generally renews annually Versatile Versatile, generally pass through initially
CorpGET STARTED Shareholders, directors and officers have little-no personal liability only limited by shares Varies by state, Generally renews annually Shareholders elect board members who appoint officers who run day to day C-corp/S-corp
NonprofitGET STARTED Directors and officers have little-no personal liability Generally not considered "owned" but controlled Varies by state, Generally renews annually Board members appoint officers who run day to day Not taxed
Sole ProprietorGET STARTED Individual has unlimited liability 1 Varies by state, Trade name generally renews annually Controlled by 1 individual Pass through
General PartnershipGET STARTED Partners take on unlimited liability 2+ Varies by state, Generally renews annually Controlled by partners Semi Pass through (assigned income)

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+ state filing fee
  • Articles of organization
  • Unlimited name searches
  • Business document templates
Filed in 2 weeks



+ state filing fee
  • Everything in Basic
  • Operating agreement
  • Payment processor
  • Complete Compliance
Filed in 5-7 business days. Stay in compliance and take credit card payments right away.



+ state filing fee
  • Everything in Classic
  • Business website
  • Rush filing speed (filed in 3 business days)
  • Banking resolution
Filed in 3 business days. Establish your brand's presence online and get a banking resolution for your business bank account.
State Fee (Varies by state) $ $ $
Articles of Organization
Unlimited Name Search
Business Document Templates
Operating Agreement $99
Payment Processor $149/yr
Complete Compliance $199/yr
Business Website $199/yr  
Rush Filing Speed $49  
Banking Resolution $30  

Frequently Asked Questions

A registered agent is required for all formal business entities, such as LLCs, partnerships, corporations, etc. Your registered agent must be present during business hours to receive and manage state correspondence on your behalf. You will need a registered agent in every state your company does business in. Attempting to file paperwork without naming a registered agent will likely result in rejection of the application. Our customers love our registered agent service to keep things simple!

Compliance requirements vary by state and company type. Our Complete Compliance service takes care of your annual filing and other updates requested by your state for your business. We’ll keep your business in good standing with the state as long as this service is active. If you choose to do this yourself, then you will be responsible for taking action on all ongoing state compliance requirements and filing your own annual report.

Once they are ready, you will find all of your documents and orders in your Dashboard. Access your website and payment processor here as well. Filing times vary by state. Of course, all Rush+ orders will be filed with the state first.

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There are no cancellation fees if you wish to cancel your account, or just cancel a specific service. Email, Call, or Live Chat with us between 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. You can also cancel on your Dashboard.