Our History

In 2018, two lifelong friends, Ben and Dan, set out on a new course of starting their own vending machine business together. They had all the dreams of every small business owner, and unfortunately, at the time, a lot of the same lack of experience starting up a new company.

They had capital, a business plan, and even a few locations that had agreed to let them place some snack machines. What they didn’t have was any knowledge of what type of business to file, anything about tax treatment or personal liability, or such abundant capital to go to an expensive attorney for advice.

Ben did some research, found out how to file himself and did so. They were excited to save some of their precious startup money and filed an LLC. He didn’t realize what all the information on the form meant, but knew it was only two owners, so he couldn’t go wrong. He was!
The process to make changes and make sure their business was set up correctly took more money than that dreaded attorney would have cost in the first place. Dan worked with the attorneys for almost 2 months, and FINALLY, they were set up properly and could open a bank account.
After a year of business, things were going well. They reminisced about their starting days and mused about how nice it would be to have known at the beginning what they knew now. Another friend was with them and thinking about starting a business himself; and asked a LOT of questions!
Ben and Dan talked the next day about making a business out of doing things right for all of the dreamers out there who are ready to make a go of working for themselves.
And so began New Business Filing (now known as Firstep Business Solutions)! Just like any business, there were obstacles, but filing the proper paperwork wasn’t one of them this time. Dan built a website and created custom forms with the sole purpose of making sure it was fast and easy for a new business owner or experienced veteran to complete.
They have since sold off the vending company, updated the business name and logo and focus all their efforts on Firstep Business Solutions. With an ever growing staff of filers and LIVE customer support, Ben and Dan focus on new ways Firstep can help new and existing businesses, but still will answer calls from time to time to keep directly in touch with clients and their needs.
We hope we can relieve some of the burden of starting, running and maintaining a new business. Our focus has always been, and always will be on customer experience, and we accept nothing short of excellence. After serving countless entrepreneurs, we are still small enough to care about our customers individually and experienced enough to ensure your business is filed quickly, easily and CORRECTLY!