Payment Processing Solutions

Customers are used to shopping and finalizing a purchase within seconds. Want an easy way to process credit cards and debit card payments? Get the convenient and fast system you need with Firstep Business Solutions' Point of Sale. We provide payment processing as an additional offer when you purchase a Classic or Pro business management package. Get started today!

What Is a Payment Processor?

A payment processor, or point of sale, is a must-have for businesses. When a customer taps, swipes or enters their card, the card data enters a payment gateway. The payment gateway sends information to a processor, notifying the credit card company of the request. The card network informs the processor if the payment request is approved.

The merchant completes the transaction with a customer. Once complete, the processor instructs the bank to transfer money from the customer's card account to the merchant's account. Customers can access their bank account to see details about the transaction's time, date, location and amount.

How to Process Payments

Our payment processor allows you to accept credit card payments. You can use the platform on a mobile device, tablet or computer anytime.

What Is Online Invoicing?

E-invoicing, known as electronic invoicing, provides an exchange between a buyer and seller. The bill presented to the buyer helps automate and streamline the accounts payable process.

How to Do Online Invoices

Our platform allows you to create detailed invoices for customers quickly. Provide proof of purchases anywhere, whether at a work site, in the field, in your office or at home.

Why Choose Firstep Business Solutions?

At Firstep Business Solutions, we're proud to provide clients with the following:

  • Dedicated professionals: We have U.S.-based customer service representatives available to answer your questions and provide you with more information. Our filing professionals work efficiently to help you achieve your goals.
  • Comprehensive services: Our company offers a straightforward and fast way to launch and grow your business. We offer everything you need, including a payment processor and invoicing platform, website builder services with advanced features, live phone support and existing business management.
  • Fastest filing speed in the industry: We offer a way to streamline your operations. Our team completes expedited filing within one hour, one business day or three business days.

Get the Tools You Need for Your Business

To learn more about our payment processing solutions, contact our team today! Our small business experts look forward to providing you with more information, answering your questions and recommending a package suiting your needs.

If you're ready to take the Firstep to becoming your own CEO with Firstep Business Solutions, browse our business structures and purchase your plan! We offer everything you need to start your business right away.